"JAKKED LIFE" A new concept with old school values!! Be proud of whatever you are!! But know who and what you are first!! 

You can also just buy a logo, I will put it aside and you can bring in whatever you want to have pressed right in the gym. $5 will be added for setting up the press for your own items. Shipping is free if you are picking your items up from the gym.

Scroll below to see the available logos and what colors they come in!! Be sure to scroll to the right to see all available logos.

All clothing prices include the logo!!! If you want something you don't see, just contact me to let
me know what you want. Custom orders are no additional charge!! Just takes about 3 extra days to ship.
See below for pictures of each logo and a reference number.


36 blood iron symbol logo
37  Blood Iron Symbol 2  Life's a Bitch
Light Gray Ink
strongaf correct
Light Gray Ink
38 Blood Iron Barbell
39 40 24 Jakked Life
White or Red Ink
41bastard42bitch43FuckFightJakked As Fuk
White Ink
11 Biggest Dude
Pink Ink
10 Little Girl
Pink ink
Jakked AF
White Ink
23  Front
size matters
Light Gray, white or black Ink
22 A, B, C
Jakked Hashtags
White Ink
21 pr logo
This is a small label sized add on logo and is free when any other logo is selected
12 Jakked Definition
White Ink

Gray or Black Ink
28  Orange Ink
30 White or Green Ink
32White Ink
33White Ink
31White Ink
29 White or light blue Ink
34 Black Ink

small logo for chest or sleeve
3  Jakked U
White Ink
White Ink

18 White or Red Ink
4  Train Harder
White Ink
New Skinny
Blue or Pink Ink
27 White Ink