No more sitting on unused inventory from your events or promotions!! Select the type of apparel, there are so many to choose from! Give me a high level graphic image and I will bring the logos. I will press the logos to the items as ordered right there at your event! It takes 7 seconds to press the logo and while warm, it is good to go immediately! The only unused items you might be stuck with are any left over logos. Much cheaper than a whole shirt you'll never be able to get rid of, especially if it uses a date! Item and logo costs vary depending on size and quantity. My fees are $50 down and anything over 2 hours beyond the start of your event is an additional $10 an hour.
Email for a quote!

Enjoy access to the scheduling calendar. There is also a link to additional services available. You can pay online with a credit card or you can pay at the time of service. Cash and cards accepted. Thank you and see you soon!!

Scheduling Calendar and Services

We can do this several ways! Whatever works best for you! It can be a
presentation format, several smaller seminars so people can choose what to attend, or workshop format. I will provide a
detailed schedule for the day so that your guests can plan when they want to be present for what. Seminars can be on
anything you are interested in learning more about.

** Click Here to read about my seminar philosophy **
I am not here to tell you the "right" way to lift. I am not here to tell you the right
methods or what you should think or what kind of person you should be to fit in. I want to tell you how I got where
I am. I feel like I have done a pretty good job. I know some things and I want to share what I think I know. Maybe
what I talk about isn't standard, maybe it isn't typical. But what you can be most assured of is that it will be real. I
care most that people are learning proper techniques that won't find them injured, that work well with their own personal
body composition. I want to share my beliefs on accessories and lifting ideas that I believe have worked to make me
stronger. I am in a somewhat unique position in that I have been very successful in both raw and equipped methodologies. I have worked with
some of the most influential and experienced lifters in our powerlifting history. I have been on both ends of the weight spectrum ... eat to be big,
eat to be strong but lean. I don't think I know it all, I am not overly sensitive and am open to opposing views and debate/discussion, I am not
politically correct and do have a belief that there is an element of respect and dedication that is largely lacking these days. So I do try to
represent that in my overall presentation. And most of all, I am very, very honest. I am respectful!!! But I am honest. And that is about myself
as well. I will tell you if what I'm saying is something I know, something I think I know, something I just believe in, or something I have just
heard and think I understand. All I want to do is to be able to use what I know and what I believe to help you to learn, to improve, to become a
better lifter, and as a side effect, a better person all around! Because I truly believe that if you can learn to overcome some intimidating weight
or hurdle in your progress, that is more than just a new piece of knowledge. It becomes a skill that you can carry with you always and apply to
much more in your life. Being able to explain how I have come to use what I have learned to reach higher levels in lifting than I would ever have
dreamed possible is a gift I want to share. How I took that and went on to move through other obstacles and goals and achieve more in other
paths than just powerlifting is something I think gives me a unique outlook that will help others tear down their own walls of boundaries and
limitations as well.

Discounts for combining services!! ... these you would pay for in person, not through the scheduling site.

Powerlifting Classes: $25 each

Online or Local Training Programming: $75 setup detailed program, $50 for a general power template that does not include weight to be lifted or for a bodybuilding/fitness template. Detailed programming continues monthly at $35/m, general continues at $30/m

Macro planning: $50/6 weeks (can pay online) after 6 weeks it is $30 to update the menu plan or if you want to continue with weekly updates, it remains $50/m.

Add a gym membership to any monthly option by adding $30

You still need to schedule the classes you wish to attend. I will only take on as many clients as I can handle and still give you the attention you deserve.
So I need to be able to plan for that cut off. I will maintain a waiting list.

Any combination of services you would like to create that is not listed here, just ask me about it!! I want to help you!!
Email me at rheta@rhetawest.com and let me know what you are interested in for a quote on a package not listed.

Personal training: $45 per session for 1 hour
Pay for 3-4 days in one payment, take 10% off total
Pay for 5-9 days in one payment, take 15% off total
Pay for 10-14 days in one payment, take 25% off total
Pay for 15 days or more in one payment, take 35% off the total

Updated: 7/21/2018